Spark New Ideas and Innovative Collaborations

Creative Chaos brings together creators, entrepreneurs, writers, artists and innovators to spark game-changing ideas and collaborations. It's a different beast entirely: a high-energy, bi-monthly gathering designed to shatter your creative ceiling and connect you with a tribe of passionate innovators.

Be A Part Of The First Creative Chaos event

Creative Chaos

Saturday, June 29, 2024

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Jambo Spaces, Accra

Google Meet Rooms

Creative Chaos

September, 2024


Creative Space Near You

Innovation without limits or rules.

The only constant is the electric thrill of possibility and potential. This event has no rules - the agenda takes shape organically based on attendee contributions. Imagine this:

  • One night, every two months, the energy of a buzzing startup incubator meets the playful spirit of a design thinking workshop.
  • You're surrounded by entrepreneurs, artists, techies, and changemakers, all eager to shake things up and collaborate on fresh ideas.
  • Instead of stuffy presentations, you're immersed in rapid-fire brainstorms, interactive challenges, and hands-on creative exercises.

That's Creative Chaos

Here's why you should be there

  • Spontaneous Brainstorming: Unlock new ways of thinking through rapid-fire idea exchanges, interactive challenges, and playful exercises.
  • Unlikely Collaborations: Connect with people outside your usual circles. You might find your next big idea sparked by a tech founder, a filmmaker, or a social entrepreneur.
  • Actionable Inspiration: This isn't just about talk — it's about doing. Walk away with fresh perspectives, new connections, and the motivation to turn your ideas into reality.